Published On: Wed, Jun 20th, 2018

Shelter’s New Album ‘Soar’

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Tags Life throws many things at all of us daily doesn’t it. Aside from the love we all have from our family and close friends, music is for many of us our only other real constant. With that in mind, we just wanted to share with you all some background to “soar” and that the Jekyll (Rob Bradley) & Mark Bebb have thrown every outpouring of energy, love, longing, nostalgia and heartache in equal measures, in fact they’ve thrown everything creatively they have at this their 3rd album “soar”. This time around, they’ve simply let the songs breathe their own life and be just what they felt the songs needed to be organically to tell their respective stories, without feeling a need to try to make them fit to any specific genre/sub-genre or generic template, albeit slightly darker in places, dare we say a little more grown-up and mature in places, yet still remaining true to the innocence and purity of matters of the heart, as well as staying true to their beloved Electronic roots. It is once again a slightly more evolved Shelter. Stephano Barberis artwork once again is sublime, especially the beautiful butterfly nebula on the cover of ‘soar’. This album is their 3rd album representing the metamorphosis and life-cycle of their beautiful butterfly and is also the first of their 3 albums to represent just themselves (Shelter) in their purest form i.e. their first non-collaborative album release. What you hear is just the Jekyll & Mark on ‘soar’ to the exclusion of all others. The amount of daily love and support you have all continued to show us is astounding and distinctly humbling. The support via this our crowdfunder campaign has already been breathtaking. The more support we get, the more we’re able to achieve and create, and share with you all, simple as. Please help us to share our crowdfunder campaign for “soar” and push yet further boundaries in our discography and what we’re able to achieve for you. To those of you who have already pledged, we cannot thank you enough 😘❤️🦋. Still a few weeks to go, so let’s keep our Lil crowdfunder butterfly airborne. Love Rob, Si & Mark xxx

Shelter are raising funds to manufacture and distribute physical CDs for their new limited edition double CD album ‘Soar’.

Source: Facebook / Shelter Official

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